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Sunshine Acres Beagles in Tri color,


  our rare color  line of

chocolates, orange and whites , khaki tan and white,

 and silver tan and white beagle puppies in all sizes !

sometimes single folks choose a match

 that matches them to a tee !


  Colorful Coats, 

  in Various Sizes

             ( a tri nano ( our smallest most rare size beagles)

and a silver sibling )

 (an adult Nano silver beagle , and an adult Tri color standard size beagle)
 &  their Prices.

Our Companion beagles come in many unique looks, matching special desires of different forever homes!

 We have the standard tricolor beagles, alongside many stunning colors,

 and various sizes- from jogging companions to easy to tote lapdog sizes.
The price of each puppy reflects its special characteristics of Color and Size.

Colors include the traditional black tan & white Tricolor, as well as the more rare colors Chocolate & white, Orange & white, and the very unique Silver & white, and Khaki & white.( these are highly prized especially since they most often tend to have shorter fur and shed less overall, and have less beagle tendancies like tracking ability and in some cases khaki beagles have been known to not bark ... a vast difference than the normal bloodline of tri color beagle that barks along a scent and wakes the neighborhood :) !

Sizes include Standard, Runts (petite/slim build), Minis(overall shorter/smaller),

 and sometimes Nanos(the tiniest!)!

In deciding what types you prefer in your lifelong companion, learn further about all the different Sunshine Acres Beagle Puppies by reading this page for a thorough description of each characteristic, along with adorable pictures from over the years.

Color / Size / Gender

Prices Categories

Traditional Black backs, red heads/shoulders & white
(newborn Tricolors start off just black & white, developing color as they grow)

  Male Female
Tri-color  Standard Size
Standard size Puppies in a Standard mom's litter (A standard Adult is 13-15" to the shoulders. )
$795 $895
Tri-color Runt Size
A Standard mom's Smaller size puppies in the litter.
$995 $1095
Tri-color Mini Size
A Mini sized Mom's Puppies, or runt from her litter mom w/ mini sized sire. (Mini sized adults are 12" and under)
(Click here for the Sizes overview)
$1295 $1395



people love them for the tendancy to be less like the stereotypical hound /beagle traits .Most lines shed less than tri colored beagles, and or have shorter fur that is not as thick. Rare colors also tend to bark less and care less about tracking rabbits when bred for those homebody traits that make good housepet companions. Often their hair tends to be softer as an added plus! Whereas Tri colored beagle fur was meant to be coarse and longer .
( Orange & white ) & (Chocolate & white)

Chocolate beagle puppy Orange Beagle Puppy and Tricolor Beagle puppy

  Male Female
Orange or Chocolate Standard Size $895 $995
Orange or Chocolate Runt Size $1095 $1195
Orange or Chocolate Mini Size
on occassion we have Buff color
or Lemons in a litter too.
$1395 $1495

Rare & Unique Luxurious
Khaki & white & Silver & white Colors

( these 2 rare color sunshine beagles both were adopted from us by their owners who work at Pixar Studios and get to go to work with them there each day !)

Sunshine beagle

"Harpo" at home in Holliwood and loving it !

khaki beagles tend to have the softest fur and, or quite often shed less than others , tending to loose fur only seasonally vs. all year long like most longer coats in  tri colored beagles can do.

"open marked" khaki /silvers dont tend to have the least shedding coats but have adorable innocent looks, and personalities,

 quite often for some unknown reason

 they tend to be sweeter we think :)

Our Exclusive line of Khaki Sunshine Beagles are quieter overall

than other bloodlines of Hunting /Hound beagles we have found and our customers confirm this to us telling us of their experiences with other breeders lines they had in the past


  Some have less desire to bark and are rarely heard.  Over the years 7 have had no bark at all come out and were extremely adorable when they tried and no noise came out as they went thru the motion :)

( of course each litter has different backgrounds and we cant be sure until they arrive what will come in a particular mothers litter or what ancestors it will take after. )

Silver Beagle Holly

  Male Female
Khaki & Silver Standard Size $1095 $1195
Khaki & Silver  Runts $1295 $1395
Khaki & Silver Minis $1495 $1595

Special Nano Size
(Whenever Available, adoptees must be especially patient for this preference, there can be quite a wait on one to arrive ... we ask that you be open to other sizes/preferences to increase chances of a match arriving for you.)such as a mini (you can always pass on one thats offered at your turn until you are smitten of course)these are not suggested for homes with smaller children as they are fragile at first .
(Runt of a Mini Litter,  or born to a nano mom)

"Nano " Hannah our first @ 4 weeks with a silver mini sister, and @ 8wks.

  Males Females
(Whenever Available)
special Nano  pup in Tri-color
$1495 $1595
(Whenever Available)
special Nano pup in Rare-color
(Runt of a Mini Litter or born to a nano mom)
$1595 $1695
(Whenever Available)
special Nano pup in Khaki & Silver
(Runt of a Mini Litter or born to a nano mom)
$1695 $1795
 recently we looked at some other breeders

websites and were amazed at the mixed breed

teacup puppies out there going for 6 and 7 thousand

dollars each!! ...

 we continue to only use beagles in our bloodlines.


The Beagle Lingo

Refer to this Quick Glossary so you can know the beagle-lingo, & understand what we mean when we describe a puppy on the website!

Markings - Sizes - Color - Extra



Typical Tri colored beagles are more common .

most tend to have more interests in using their nose , ours often have our unique  rare colored ancestors and therefore less desire to head to the woods than other breeders hunting bred beagles tend to .

 Blaze: The Blaze is the white vertical Stripe between the eyes.

often it can narrow in somewhat as the black is replaced with the red/brown coloring that comes up thru the black on the head , ears, and shoulders during the next few months.

 Solid Head: Having a solid head means the dog does not have a white blaze on the face. They may still have white around the muzzle
Silver Solid head beagle

the coloring around the eyes will soon be the coloring on the whole head except where there is any white areas on the nose/muzzle.

 Open Marking: A dog is open marked when they have lots of white markings & designs on the back, rather than just the traditional black saddle back.

 Bandana:  A banadana is the white around the back of their neck. It looks like they are wearing a white bandana around their neck!

  & it is usually

 pointed towards their back.


 Standard Size: Regular size puppies born to a Standard Mother.
Adult Standards are above 13",  up to  -15" to the dog's shoulders.

 A small standard is closer to shorter 13", while a large standard is the longer legged 15".
Weight varies, most of our adult standards are around 19-27 lbs.

 Runt Size: The shorter or more petite puppies in a standard mom's litter.  Or, all the puppies born to a Runt-Sized mother.
Runt sized puppies usually have a good chance of becoming a Mini sized adult, or a  petite small standard.

 Mini Size: Puppies are considered to be Mini when the litter is born to a Mini sized Mother, or they are the smaller sized puppies from a Runt sized mother's litter.
Adult Mini sizes are 12" and under to the shoulders. Weight varies, often influenced by diet growing up. Most of our mini adults are 14-19 lbs

 Nano size: Exceptionally tiny puppies, usually receive extra attention or supervision to be sure the bigger puppies don't push them out of the way.
We care about each puppy's health, so we take the time to guide each one & make sure that none of our newborns struggle for milk.
Our Nanos are usually the Runt of a Mini sized litter, or born to a Nano Sized mother. They are less common, so for waiting's sake, its good to be open to mini size as a preference as well.


 Tricolor: The Traditional Beagle look- Black red & white (newborns start black & white)

( Tricolor
runtsize "BabyGirl" growing up)

 Chocolate: Rich Brown and white. Often these can be the less shedding version of our luxurious coats!

(Chocolate standard "Bailey" growing up)

 Orange: Vibrant Orange and white. Often they have eyeliner, and sometimes oranges are less shedding.

(Orange standard "Luci Lu" growing up)

 Silver: A silver or gun metal steel color. Many of these are the less shedding variety. Their color can deeped as they grow

( Silver mini "Macy" growing up)

 Khaki: Khaki & white. Just like your khaki pants! The lighter greyish brownish color. Almost all of these are the least shedding variety, and are Miss C's favorites!

( Khaki
standard Teddy growing up)




 Litter: A litter is the group of puppies a mother has had.

  Newborn: A newborn puppy will begin its first 2 weeks of life with its eyes closed, and those 2 weeks will consist of constant nursing, snuggling, and sleeping.
Most all
Tricolor newborns will start off with only Black & White colors, and will later develop their red/tan coloring on their head and shoulder.
Orange newborns start off with black hues mixed in, and will lose this black as they grow, and develop into a rich Orange color.

 Available: Puppies are sometimes announced as Available, which enables new interests to ask about being considered for approval as an appropriate match to adopt that puppy. We first consider the matches within our pre-approved waiting list, and if there is no one left in line ready for a puppy and matching that puppy's Color, Size, Gender, Coming Home Timeframe, markings or other preferences, then we can consider new potential homes for these puppies to go into.

 Possible Match: A puppy has possible matches when we have already approved a family or families for the waiting list, and their preferences match that puppy's characteristics. They may or may not choose to claim the puppy, based on personal adoration, added preferences such as markings, or most commonly a delayed acceptable timeframe for welcoming a puppy into their household.

 Claimed: A puppy is announced as being claimed when they have been reserved by deposit for someone. They are no longer available to the public, and are under our care until they are ready to enter their forever home. Families of claimed puppies watch the website to see updates of their puppy growing up in our home.


For an easy reference & follow-up, you can skip to each "Preference" by following the below bookmarks, and skip straight down to each section to reference the details about each of the different preferences you could have for one of our sunshine acres beagles.


  • Traditional Tricolor (Black/White/ & Red)

  • the traditional look . Some come with a Saddle back of black and tan or red sholders and head.  others have white areas around their necks , or in big spots etc on their back breaking up the saddle look.

  • ( these typically have a longer fur and more course coat that comes out since they have been bred as hunting dogs for many many years and this helps them break away in the bushes and brambles chasing after rabbits.) Many people think this is what a beagle looks like and only after seeing the nicer fur and less interest in tracking do they consider a rare colored beagle as an option instead.

  • Rare colors: Chocolates, Oranges, Red, Lemon..

  • chocolates and oranges tend to shed less than lemons in our experience .  We have tried to include lemon bloodlines from other breeders lines several times and been disappointed at the amount of fur they loose daily and chosen not to bred into our sunshine beagle line.  ( we rarely have true lemons so the wait could be long we suggest also including another color as well as an option when asking ) Rare colored beagles tend to draw attention and folks tell us they are fun because people come up and want to know about such a unique dog , singles love them since they are a conversation starter :) and your never alone when you have a beautiful dog to walk with... friendly people come up and greet you !  

  • Unique Colors: Khakis, & Silvers

  • these are Miss Christina's favorites .  They show less interest in being a dog and more in being a fury child who adores going where you go !

  • over the years the coats have gotten shorter and in some cases they seem like a duck, water pours off them .  they loose seasonal coats but not the amount of fur a tri colored beagle does by far.   Only one khaki beagle in our 28 years of breeding beagles has shown any interest in using her nose to track and we retired her before she had any litters for us rather than breed her,  so as to not breed that line into our kennel or  keep any offspring that would be interested in Tracking down  animals in our khaki line of housepet beagles.  

  • some of our tri colored beagles still occassionaly like to sniff the woods after a squrirel  here or there but most lay in the sunshine and could care less when one runs by..

  •  Many people say the rare colored beagles especially the khaki are easier to train and smarter , we think they just listen because they are more focused on the humans than their hound dog relatives other beaglers breed for hunting and tracking abilities first and foremost. Their coats tend to be the most desireable whether for

  • softness to the touch making you want them near and enjoy petting them, or in very rare cases less shedding shorter fur that rarely comes out except during the changes of seasons like after having a thicker winter coat they loose that extra warmth by loosing some coat when bathed etc. the shorter coated beagles dont tend to need brushing like some of the thicker longer coats on hunting lines that are meant to come out in the stickers so they can keep going while their excess fur stayed behind stuck in the brambles big loss they had plenty more and it came out and was replaced constantly.

Sizes: (Click here for a description of all sizes, and continue scrolling down for valuable information about standards, Mini & Runts, and nano minis)





Sunshine Acres Beagles

Come in many Colors!

Below are our Examples of our different Colored Coats ..

Being open on coloring and or size or gender you would like to be offered as a match helps us place an adoptive puppy with you sooner,

you are welcome to be specific on preferences if you are patient with mother nature and your perfect matches arrival.


a rare Buff colored /some call a lemon beagle to right in picture with playpen set up.
 picture to left /From top going clockwise:
(with a narrow blaze), Silver (with a blaze), Tricolor, Tricolor (with a solid head),
(with a blaze), and Chocolate (with a solid head)

center photo of a litter with orange pups ,chocolates and a tri in middle

sometimes its easier to see silver when its next to black



 Tri-color Beagles:



Puppy tricolor.
(sometimes a puppy's coloring matures faster / at different rates than other puppies. This originally  solid black head already has some red coming through as he ages it will loose all the black completely.)

 The traditional Beagle Look

When people say "Tri-color", they are referring to the typical beagle's look: Black, White, and Red. Black on the back, which is often called a "saddle", and Heads and shoulders loose the black and  become red/brownish/tan when they grow up.

Tricolor puppies generally all start off just Black & White
As they grow, the red/tan color found on adult tricolors starts to come through, gradually replacing the black found on their heads & usually shoulders & haunches too. The white pretty much stays how it is.

Once they are an adult, their color has transformed from the 2 colors only (black & white), to the common 3 colors (black/red/white).

Adult classic tricolor beagle


 Our tricolor "Eve" as a puppy,
 (Here her tan has now already come in on her legs, and is slightly shining through on the top of her head)

and Eve as an adult mommie!
(What pretty, shiney coats our tricolors have!)

our Daisy's tricolor daughter 'Gracie'

Tricolor girl
As a newborn-

All we see is black and white (and a little bit of pink! lol) but we know that will change soon..

Daisy's tricolor daughter 'Gracie'

   At a month old, Gracie lays in our hallway here at home, before heading to her new home.

The color has started to come in on her face around her eyes, but has yet to spread back up over her head, as well as her shoulders.

 "My color is almost all in!"

tricolor Gracie Full grown Adult in her forever home with the Justis family

Her black, white, and red has all come in now that she has matured
"Look at me now!... (I'm not just a pretty girl, I like to have fun too!)"


Gracie At a few months old, we were boarding her here @ Sunshine Acres while her family travels.


 (tri pup w/ a solid head) (tri pup w/ a blaze)  (tri pup w/ a solid head) (tri pup w/ a very narrow blaze - would likely lose the blaze & be a solid head adult)

 Beagles can either have a 'blaze', or have a 'solid head' (no blaze).

A Blaze is the white vertical stripe between the eyes, coming up from the muzzle, and can be all sizes. Some people may have a preference towards having a blaze or solid head, while others may find both to be equally cute! (If you prefer to specifically find one or the other, you are welcome to specify this however you must be willing to be patient as we await one that matches your preference, if you are open to any you will find a match sooner of course as we will have more to offer to you.


Tricolor As a Newborn !

Puppies start off with stubby facial features- short ears, short pink noses...

2-3 weeks old

(now that the eyes are opened & they have become even more aware of surroundings, we can go ahead & start them on learning Bedding vs. Paper)

Going home to a family!
Her ears have started growing out some, and her head has already started it's color transformation!


A Sunshine Acres Tricolor boarder playing with our silver puppy  



OUR SMALLER STANDARD BEAGLES ARE 13-14  INCHES &  UNDER, (the majority of our beagles)
Standards usually weigh 20-25 lbs, and larger ones 25-45 lbs.
(Our Standard Sunshine Acres Beagles usually only reach up to around 19-27 lbs, depending on the mother)

AND OUR MINIS ARE 12 INCHES AND UNDER to the top of the sholder.
 Minis often weigh somewhere between 14-19 lbs,  (of course it is possible to overfeed & have a short & chubby mini :) a mini is determined by leg height rather than an easy-to-vary weight which can depend on feeding more than genetics in some cases.

Find out more details on sizes further down, below Color Desciptions

Chocolate on top, others are tricolors                                                       a Tri colored pup with Chewie or maybe its a Golden lol....





Rare color Beagles
Chocolates, Oranges, reds, & occasional lemons...
(not including our Khaki & Silvers)

Chocolate puppy

(chocolate pup, a son of our

now retired to California

 Orange momma "Sunny")

Anything other than the basic Tri
(black, red, & white) are ones we consider rare-color. Khaki and silver colored coats are separatly priced

Chocolate Beagle puppy and dentleys rawhide chew chip 

chocolate puppy orange puppy

 Chocolate, Orange, red, blonde etc.
(other than khaki & silver)

an orange

an orange

a chocolate newborn

rare color beagle pups   !

orange "Cheeto" has a narrow blaze between his eyes

lemon/buff puppy
Orange puppy (with a blaze)


The shorter, rare colored fur often sheds much less than a typical tri colored beagle's coat, and they can tolerate the heat of being out in the sunshine much better also. Since it isn't Black it doesn't attract the sun's rays as much.. We have often noted the tri colored dogs laying in the shade in the hottest part of summer, while many of our khaki dogs like sun bathing and will lay right in the grass not bothered as much by the heat.

Most often our Khakis & Chocolates are typically the least shedding, followed by certain oranges & silvers, and even some tricolors- depending on ancestor's coats (sometimes having a less shedding mommy, like a khaki mom can influence even a tricolor offspring's coat. We have been gradually seeing more of our Tricolors possess this coveted short haired, less shedding coat! Like Future breeding prospects "Shug", and "Morgan, have this wonderful hypo-allergenic sleek & shot hair coat
 We can't wait to see their pups in the future!)

(an Orange girly)

these rare colored dogs stay cooler in summer heat..


Our Chocolates are all beautiful brown and white color. Their classy shade may vary from a lighter chocolate to a dark chocolate, most usually at a rich medium. Their Heads can turn lighter brown when grown, but not always.  They, as well as khakis, can tend to have the least shedding coats mainly shedding winter coats as the weather warms etc. some rare colored beagles have fuller more soft coats than others and that may be your preference...

of course not all ancestors share the less shedding shorter fur so if that is important please

note that in your preferences when joining the waiting list ,

 and be prepared to possibly wait longer  for your color/ size/ gender/ match .

if the color is one of your preferences but least shedding isnt priority you will find a puppy sooner as we are expecting litters very soon that should have these and other rare colors as well as tri.

Families who have had both traditional Tri colored beagles and one of our Rare colored beagles

 tell us they much prefer the fur of their sunshine beagle

both softness wise vs the coarse longer fur of other lines

 as well as the lack of hound dog odor their previous unrelated tri color beagle had from another breeder.

we have worked for over 27 years to improve the fur in our line of indoor companion

housepet beagles.


(chocolate  "Cole" all grown up)       

shiney & gorgeous chocolate standard "Bailey Brouillard". See Bailey's Happy Family's story & their wonderful updates with letters & pictures on our
Happy Families 2007 page!

Chocolate "CoCo"...

chocolate newborns Coco and sis snuggle up!

visiting his newborn chocolate puppy

Coco as a pup ready to go to her new home!

(at about a half a year old)
chocolate Coco came back to board with us!
(laying next to some little snoozin pups!)

Adult Coco

"Coco", an adult chocolate beagle, comes to board often!

She is a Standard Size Beagle

(more pictures from her stay here with us are featured on our "Boarding" page!)


chocolate pup hangs out on our deck in back

 Chocolate Beagle Muffin

Chocolate Muffin on left and khaki Maggie Mae adult mini on right of daughter Christi , when Maggie Mae was adopted her owner Candace flew into our  Charlotte Douglas International airport to take her home on board the plane... when she adopted her second sunshine beagle Muffin  she flew Christi out to Vegas to hand deliver her to the family , and enjoy some RnR

with Candice's daughter Tiffany who was the same age and showed her around Las Vegas including the Restaurant they owned at the time !! We love making lasting friendships with many of our Extended family of Beagle Lovers !

puppies can have "open markings", which is the white shapes on their back/saddle, often zig-zags.

 Our Orange Beagles

Our Orange beagles are such vibrant beauties!

Their heads typically stay the same color as the rest of their body. Sometimes an orange may start off with some black in the orange on their face, ears, or down their back as a newborn, but then develop to their bright/rich orange as they wean and grow, losing any black on their body, like a tricolor would lose on his head.

 They are pretty much only 2 colors when grown- Orange & White


This girl started off with a darker red color, but will grow into a deep orange. Many of our orange beagles start off with black mixed in, and as they develop they lose the black and become a rich orange.

standard Oranges- adult Punkin orange mommy "Maisy"

orange grownups


Orange beagle puppy and tricolor beagle puppy sisters Orange and Tricolor Beagle Puppies!

and orange pup with a blaze with her smaller silver sibbling

Orange beagle puppy "Cheeto" growing up @ 2 weeks, 5 weeks and 6 weeks~!

orange with openmarkings

Alexa from NYC adopts her only child... Saffron from us, later when she needed to have her boarded while taking care of her folks in Calif. she brought her home to her first home here with us so she could stay at sunshine acres while mom

needed to be away, we love seeing our beagles at various stages of life with their new families :)

"Luci Lu"  Orange solid head

Orange Girl as a Newborn
 ("Luci Lu", daughter of "Tracy")
Many Oranges start off with black mixed in, and the black gradually disappears as they grow.

Luci Lu at a few weeks old, with her littermates (a chocolate to the left, and a tri to the right)
Her face has already lost most the black, with black ears, and some black on her back left to go

Luci Lu just before going to her new home! Her color has really transformed thus far- what a beauty! She just has a little left to go...

"Hi Ms. Christina, Christi & Cody,
Just thought I would send another update about our little "Luci Lu" as she has become known.  She is just wonderful!  She has really settled into life here at the Rhodes house & I don't know what we ever did without her.  She is loved by all everywhere we go & is very social.  She has basically doubled in size & can finally wear the collar we bought for her before we saw how tiny she was.  She is really a beautiful girl & wears her eyeliner thick as you like to say at Sunshine Acres.  She is still a great snuggler & seems happiest when in our arms.  We just made a trip to Myrtle Beach to visit my parents & she did soooooo good in the car.  We only stopped one time on the way down & she slept the entire way home.  For a 5 hour trip I find that pretty impressive.  I have attached a few pic's from our recent trip to the beach & some with her playing with her pal Murphy.  Thanks again for such a great addition to our family & I will continue to send pictures as she grows.  (I have to confess I still check the website to see the puppies, it truly is addicting)  Cari :o)"

(Want to see & hear more? Many updates like these can be found throughout our Happy Families & Get Two pages!)


many have this beautiful eyeliner! (tricolors can often have it too)
 Her new family updated us with these pics so we could see how well she has become an involved member of their family! (Happy Families of 2008)

 orange Luci Lu with her family the Rhodes!

Orange beagle Chaz @ 4 weeks and @ 8 weeks

(a chocolate & a lemon)



Dolce, one of Laney's chocolate puppies & her new owner Asia picking her up from our house.





Sunshine Acres Khaki & Chocolate brothers
 out for a quick "hurry up" break  while boarding at sunshine acres. (This movable pen can come in handy for many new puppy owners with unfenced yard. It did for us when pups needed an outside break & we had some new mommies loose in our backyard, til they come back in to care for their babies!)

a silver and an orange littermates.




$795 - Unique-Luxurious Khaki & Silver Coats
in Standard size


   (we find typically the less white the less they shed )

and the shorter the fur  \the less it comes out and faster it dries after a bath.they tend to need bathing less with less hound dog odor to their coats.

the more open marked khaki/silver pups tend to shed a bit more 

 but have some of the sweetest personalities we think!  ask for an open marked khaki or silver preference if snuggles matter most :)

  & silver  

Due to the extreme rarity of our exclusive luxurious khaki colored coats, & silver colors, the price on standard sized khaki & silver colored beagles

khaki cuties...

(Miss Christina and
silver on left, chocolate in middle, and khaki on right.)

silver mini girl (&a nanomini tri runt of the mini litter on left)
mini  sized adult khaki 

matching the khaki accents in our office!


 silver mini sized adult

hanging out on our Silver Chair

  (The 2 adults above have "solid heads", meaning they do not have a "blaze" (the white vertical stripe that goes up their head between the eyes)(the white half circle around their nose is a white muzzel) (silver macy almost has a blaze, but its not long enough to really count, her head is still pretty solid silver)


 2 silver beagle pups & a tricolor

silver "Laney" above, was one of our mini sized mommies she has since been retired to a great family!


khaki beagles

khaki Cashmere as a pup snuggling up to an orange- Cash was one of our studs.  He is retired now into a pet home.

khaki "Jake",
 one of our  studs

he has the least shed, hypo allergenic fur ever !!


Khaki & white  

Our unique and luxurious khaki coats are mom's favorites!

They typically have the softest, and or  least shedding coats.

These yuppie puppies are basically like a pair of khaki pants, or like the the beige/khaki couch that they love to match so much! Lighter than the silver, they generally look the same from puppyhood, to an adult, only developing a richer true khaki color as opposed to the more light gray or buff like color coats they start with as a newborn. 
As an adult, their heads can be a brighter shade, Like Grace below.

over the years as we worked on indoor companions vs other breeders lines of hunting beagles, we have improved the coat quality substantially , our rare colored beagles tend to have very soft fur like Grace... and newer additions to our breeding line up ie: Gracie and Promise, her grandaughters now have shorter fur and not as thick as hers... some are almost like water off a ducks back we joke as we wash them very little fur comes out and this is a nice feature for a housepet to have .  Of course there are times of the year a dog must shed its fur to change his coat for the upcoming summertime weather etc.


adult khaki Grace!

A lot of Khakis and Chocolates, plus Silvers start off with blue eyes, and may or may not keep them, often turning to a lighter greenish blueish hazel color, or a little like a hint of khaki color, like Grace has.
(sometimes oranges are born with 'um too, and occasionally the tris too. Of course, when choosing your pup it can't be based on eye coloring, because there is no way to absolutely predict their final eye color as an adult)

Grace's daughter Hope now retired to a pet home with her daughter Princess who will be coming back to have a litter for us in the future.

see their story ahead on our adult adoptions pages

  "Grace's granddaughter by "Hope"

"Gracie" has a shorter coat than her grandma to the left..

Silver Macy & khaki Gace on our Khaki couch


Silver & white

Our sweet silvers are compareable to a stainless-steel to gun metal steel range of colors, most starting off at the lighter stainless color transforming into the gunmetal steel.
The silver's head will usually mostly turn tan/ khaki color that you can already see coming through on some of these guy's faces, while the body can be a darker silver.


Silver Holly goes home to Wiedrich family.
Justine has a studio and sent us photos!
"She is just adorable and sweet and we can’t imagine out home without her now.  Here is her first trip to the studio – including Delanie, Mason, AimeeGrace, Boz (the lab) and Fierce, the cat.  We waited to do our annual Christmas card photo so Holly could be in them.  Feel free to share the photos as you wish."


silver cuddly beagle puppy in ncsilver beagle puppy in nc in pet playpen from petsmart

silver beagles heads turn tan as they age , much like tri colored beagles heads loose the black and turn more red.


Leopold poses with the blanket and toy his mommy sent!


Silver  puppy 'Macy'

Adult Silver mini Macy as an adult, boarding here at Sunshine Acres

Macy  often comes hereto board with us whenever her parents are on their way to the beach ! we happen to be located in a great on the way  spot here so that lots of our beagles get to come for a visit to their first home when their families travel !

silver newbies..          beagle lapdog !

 lighter silver "Cocoa" as a newborn..  , "awee"  & ready to go home

silver Cocoa on his way to the airport!

"Hi Miss C,
Cocoa made it to us safe and sound.  We were all shocked at just how tiny he is.  I am not sure where I read it on your website but it is so true – the puppies appear so much bigger in the photos than they do in real life.  We are enjoying him and I think he is getting used to us.   He has been very playful and was only up a few times last night to pee and then went right back to sleep.  We are so excited to finally have him!!"

-Beth Leonard

We couldnt believe how small she was and also how gorgeous her coat was!
Seeing the pictures on the website does not give the beautiful coloring of
your pups justice!!  In person they are just stunning!
-Becky Spaul, NJ

(She flew home to join Becky & her sunshine acres Orange beagle she had purchased from us before.. Like many happy families do, she came back to us to get herself a 2nd!

(they're like potato chips.. remember? .. lol)

(Silver mini-sized Runt)




khaki baby

 We feel khaki pups are very special. Not only do some have much, much less shedding fur, most are extra intelligent, and have no interest in tracking animals.
(Also, over the years we have even had 7 khaki adults who have not been able to bark! This is of great interest to us in our pursuit of the best possible pet beagles we can create thru selective breeding for family pets ! These dogs would make the motion of a bark on occassion, but almost no noise would come out! This is not a developed genetic trait its quite rare , so generally your khaki beagle would still have a normal sounding bark to let you know if someone comes up in the yard till you tell them its okay & not a burglar!

khaki cuties on Christi's bed...




Sunshine Acres Beagles

Come in various Sizes!

Below are Examples of the different sizes ..
Note: The determining factor between  mini & standard  adult is height to the shoulders. Build can vary, but most of these beagles do not have big-boned body structures.



to show the difference when full grown.....

(left side a Mini , right side a Standard)

(A Standard size example, this is the couch potato puppy shown further up in the Tricolor standard pricing section, laying with a movie & a toy!) now full grown. still a great indoor dog sized housepet. You dont have to get a mini to have an indoor companion beagle.

Larger STANDARD BEAGLES can be up to 15 INCHES & under  to the top of the sholder.
Many of our standards are on the Smaller side, with the exception of few for those looking for larger ones.
Typical Beagles usually weigh around 20-25 lbs, and larger ones 25-45 lbs.
Our Standard Sized Sunshine Acres Beagles usually only reach up to weighing around 19-27 lbs.

MINI BEAGLES ARE  12 INCHES & UNDER (Under 13 inches to the shoulders)
Most of the Minis usually weigh around 14-19 lbs .
 (Note: of course it is possible to overfeed a beagle & have a short & chubby mini! So be careful about how much you feed their little bellies during their growing stage- beagles can be known to over eat  ;)
What we have coined as "Nano Mini"s are the exceptionally smallest puppies- such as the Runt of a Mini Litter.
They all grow up to be just as playful, loving, & wonderful as any other sunshine beagle, just in various sizes!

  • Our Standard size beagles are a great size, when families come to our house, we have even had people ask us if our standard size doggies out front were minis, and they were surprised when we said no, that's a standard! Standard Beagles still come in small & petite sizes to sit on your lap, but not too short so you don't step on them, as one customer said! (most ours also tend to have the less bulky body structure found in some other lines, & are without the big 'barrel chests' some other beagles have.)

  • A mini Beagle is not like getting a Chihuahua though! It is still very much a beagle, but overall is somewhat smaller than the standard size beagles - particularly in height & typically body length & overall structure.

  • Some folks think Minis as pups are almost too small and seem breakable so they opt for standard sized pups so they dont have to worry about stepping on the tiny pet underfoot, or their young children carrying around such a fragile puppy !!

  • Some other folks, especially those with bad backs, love the mini sizes though because they are easier for them to pick up & carry around if they so wish, like Miss Christina who carries her beloved Grace around everywhere easily even with her bad back (One reason Jake helps us all out around here! Sometimes there is just too much for mom to do, particularly with all the Iams & Eukanuba bags we go through, so a helping hand is greatly appreciated!)

  • Grace shows all those wonderful traits we selectively breed for in all our beagles, just in a smaller compact size !
     (She is calm & content hanging out in the house with us, sitting in laps to watch tv, laying in chairs like a person, etc. yet when she sees the mood of the household has turned to playful time, she is right there ready to jump into the action- particularly when it comes to zooming around our backyard playing tag up & down the hill & on the logs with our boarding dogs- aka her "play-dates!" lol)



At around 13- 15 inches tall, standard size sunshine acres beagles are great additions to your indoor life & wonderful companions.
Most are a more slimmer &/or athletic build, rather than the big barrel-chested type of beagles.

standard size tricolor "Bonnie"

momma Daisy (right) is a larger Standard sized female- She is our Largest beagle, but even she is still a great house dog size! Here she is hanging out in the house, meanwhile her puppies were gradually weaning. she has retired into a great family who already had one of our beagles to be his playmate.

You are welcome to mention specific desires, such as asking for our help to
 choose out an on-the- larger -side standard size or an on-the- smaller -side standard,
depending on what you are looking for in your new friend!

Miss C & a smaller tricolor adult momma

 Some people prefer the Larger Standards/ ones with longer legs so that they can be their daily jogging companion, or so they can keep up walking with a longer legged person!

Above: Larger/(on the taller side) Standard size orange Punkin with a slim/ athletic build,
here she is hanging out in the house, in their invisible fence area (with larger standard khaki "Smooches"),  and visiting her puppies while they were out for a romp in the grass in the moveable pen you can get from Jeffers online. ( she has retired now too and found a good home in charlotte to enjoy family life!


 standard khakis Velvet & Dusty at our old house with 11 y/o Christi

velvet and Dusty have both retired now.

we dont keep breeding our doggies forever we prefer to let them have a few litters for us to enjoy and share with others then find them a wonderful pet home !

adult silver Snickers boards with us, and loves lounging on the furniture in our home

 smaller stnd Marley looking in on the pups playing in this toy box meant to go under a child's bed, but works great as a puppy setup with bedding and paper!


Jake & Dot chillin'!

 our medium standard size Dot (Punkin's daughter) lets Miss C help another mother's puppy nurse for milk! Dot has retired now too !


Sunny, a medium standard momma, meeting her puppies' new families.

 when someone comes out to meet their new baby at a younger age we like for them to get a chance to meet mom too,  by the time the puppy is weaned from mom and hasnt seen her in days we prefer not to bring her out , since then the puppy is confused by the scent of mother and begins to miss her again all over... we take the first worst nights of being separated from momma doggie and that makes it much easier on the new family not being there the day they leave the mother.. but rather after several days apart so they are over it,  and will just possibly miss sibblings,  or us.. but that's not nearly as hard on them,  as the initial separation from her warmth,and milk on call... !




About a Runtsize
( pups ariving in Standard litters
that are smaller than sibblings having shorter features)

  • Runt puppies can often turn out to be the same size as mini adults (like our Grace- she is 11" tall, but was a runt out of standard parents. She' s purfectly healthy and hearty and just like the bigger dogs just easier for Miss Christina to lift and carry :)
  • A runt in standard litter is determined as such because they were smaller &/or more petite than the standard size littermates.
  • In these cases we often must step in and specially hand raise these babies to be sure that the runt nurses, since the little one is being surrounded by bigger siblings who can win out when it comes to being the one that gets to attach & nurse, so price also reflects the fact that we must devote considerably more time and family attention the little ones.
    Minis sometimes need help to nurse with their smaller legs too, especially a runt of a mini litter, (which could be categorized as our occasionally seen rare & special nano-beagles!) Nursing is usually done with a method of pushing with the legs to get the flow started & bring forth momma's milk. Miss Christina often hand raises the Nano pups and keeps them separately on their own heating pad and bed in the birthing room at our home.  We must go put them on mom at 2 hour intervals around the clock so they have a chance to nurse , sometimes we take the bigger pups out and let tiny ones feed alone with mom.

  • Adult Runt chocolate in our dining room (mini in size, yet born to standard mom "Brandy")

  • A runt's size may have taken after an ancestor's mini gene- or just like people sometimes there is just a smaller family member, not necessarily because the parents are, & there is some chance that if overfed runts could possibly grow up and nearly catch up with their littermates’ height, whereas minis you should have a better probability of them genetically staying shorter, and smaller as long as they're fed carefully. (Beagles can over-eat if given too much.)

 "Daisy" a larger Standard size & Runt "Grace" @ a mini beagle size are both from the same standard mother. Different dad's though.

our adult mini-sized Runt khaki "Grace", the perfect housepet!!





Mini-Size Sunshine Acres Beagles  

as a pup, Sunshine Acres mini silver Beagle Macy & her cat friend!

Our smart little babies learn everything from those around them, and have no problem learning how great it is to have a cat for a friend!
as an adult

( hehe.. She even learned the way of the cat! being so nimble & mini in size... she seems to be mimicking her friend's napping habits as well! LOL)

  • Adult Minis are 12" and under to the shoulders.
    Over the years we have done selective breeding
    with our beagles to improve the beagle breed to be all-around perfect housepets!  We have also acheived a smaller & smaller size, meanwhile putting the quality of our pets first. Having a well-rounded great pet is our primary concern, and having one in the size preferred by some would of course come secondary.
       Our miniature size beagles simply have gentically shorter legs, & bodies and when we breed for a smaller size companion beagle, we do not concentrate our attention on size alone. The quality of health, fur & temperment of our pure bred Sunshine Acres Beagles is never sacrificed to achieve a desirable size.

    Our priority & primary mission is to produce an all around great companion homebody, & upgrading in all the right places!

  • Mini litters are typically distinguished as mini based on their mom's height- being a mini the puppy is likely to take after their short legged 12" or under mini sized parent, whereas a runt is simply the smallest or most petite of a standard size litter.

  • Minis can have petite frames, but it varies- we see short and chubby minis, as well as short and petite minis (often depending on carefully feeding a mini's smaller size & intake, careful usless you want a short piglet !).

  •  Basically a mini means that the puppy's genes were created with a bias towards having shorter legs by taking after a parent with short genes, and this usually means a shorter body length too (from chest to haunches), smaller head size & typically bone structure (some have

  • The Olde English Pocket Beagles were a breed of beagle that English fox hunters were known to carry with them in the oversized pockets of their big coats &/or saddle bags.
    Many Breeders of what has been referred to as Pocket Beagles don't actually have ties to those original fox hunting companions, but the catchy phrase 'pocket beagle' is favored by many people so its still commonly used to describe small beagles.
     In some cases, there are breeders of acclaimed "pocket beagles" that have been known to mix in others breeds like jack russel, or dachsund into their lines in order to acquire the smaller size, (which subsequently would also incorporate the personality of a jack russel into the so-called pocket 'beagle'!)

We have developed, and continue to develop our line of pure bred miniature beagles over the years by selectively keeping the special cuties that meet all the great qualities we look for, while also having shorter legs & build. miss C decided we'd name our great lapdog smaller sized beagles "Mini Beagles". Back then, we mostly heard talk of others selling 'pocket beagles', however we notice others have begun to use this term as well to describe their smaller beagles.

Mini silver Mattie as a puppy, before going to her new home (and brothers silver Oliver & khaki Levi)


  @  2 years

Mattie's family comes back for a second mini baby!

Miss C and mini silver Sunshine Acres adult Mattie!

    • Unfortunately there is no way of being absolutely certain that a puppy will be mini, usually the pups take after their mother or father, and if they are mini, the puppies most often are as well.
    • (Mini moms sometimes have trouble having a litter, and in these cases a c-section is needed,
      mini moms also have smaller litters, often only one or two puppies are born.)

    • We cannot guarantee size, just as there can be one child in a family who is taller than the other kids to the same parents.
      Our prices are a reflection of our unlimited time & devotion to the little newborns night and day in many cases just to be sure the tiniest ones are not pushed off by the larger more strong littermates. Also due to the difficulty in raising puppies born to mini sized moms, the cost of c-sections, and the small number of puppies born to tiny mothers.
      (By the time we pay for 1k plus c-sections, if the mother has only one,  or two pups in the litter, we often barely break even). That is why so few breeders are doing mini  beagles, their bigger moms can have as many as 9-13 pups with no trouble.  Our smaller standard beagles average around 5 in a litter, and mini moms have 2-4 in their litters usually, (but when others are breeding for quanity rather than quality, for those breeders  it's actually more profitable and a lot less work & stress for them. so size doesnt matter to them... ) even breeding can be a very difficult undertaking (that's the only thing we've seen in all these years where being on the shorter side doesn't help.. lol.)

     Emergency Vet c-section deliveries are often required for tiny mom's to give birth



Mini Beagle Puppies !

mini pup on the left is older by a few weeks than the standard sized one on right. 


  •   Consider your needs if choosing between minis  and standards. If you are in the position to purchase a mini rather than bringing home a standard, because you need the smallest sunshine acres beagle possible, that's fine. However if you are undecided about bringing a mini vs standard into the home, (or even if finances to afford the purchase is an issue) consider whether a mini is really what you want & need.
      Most of our standard size beagles are not large dogs anyway, and are a fantastic size for an indoor companion, and can just as easily have the petite frame most people would associate with 'mini's, even weighing around the same a
    s a mini in some cases ... the primary distinguishing factor is mainly leg length / height to the shoulders.  Our standards usually range from estimated weight of between 17 - 27 lbs, often depending on their momma's size. We generally have smaller sized standards, medium standards, and sometimes the longer legs &/or the larger than most of our other typical standards, which we call a larger standard (but doesn't necessarily mean larger weight, depends on body build and good diet). (small 13" & under.. medium 14".. larger 15"..)

  •   If you are into jogging- you'd likely want to go with a standard, so their longer legs can keep up with you.  If you are just looking for a petite dog, be sure not to confuse being petite with being a mini. We have had people ask for minis in the past, yet describe to us that they want longer legs for a jogging companion. This would mean they are actually looking for a Standard size beagle, with a preferably petite/slim build .  (like one of our mommas Punkin.  Her waistline is slim & tucked and her legs are longer than our other beagles tend to have.)

For some, a mini is the perfect solution to their situation, and for others, either size would fit in just perfectly with their home life. If you find that really any of our sizes would work for you & can't really narrow it down, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
 We can help you find a puppy that matches any of the desires that you do have,
 whether you end up choosing among puppies from only one size category, or from both!


 (these also tend to often have less shedding coats than a tri color beagle. As do some chocolates and orange and white pups depending on the Ancestors)

Here is a comparison of the leg bones, and paw size of two pups.

 The smaller is our "Little Man"-the mini male we kept by "Khaki" our retired mini mom. he is nearly a month older yet much smaller overall.

"tiny Tim", a mini size puppy at the age he would be going into a new home.


 "Grace" our  pet

Grace is a mini-size khaki runt. She was born to a standard mom, but was a runt, and is the size of a typical mini.


  short legged "little Man " says hi to a new pup !

was  one of our favorite mini studs who has retired locally to a family who had a sunshine beagle years ago that looked just like him.. when their boy passed of old age they saw he was available to adopt and came right out to take him home.

see his story and others on our retire/rehoming pages of adult beagles we find home for at sunshine acres !

check out the size difference in our full grown Little Man the khaki mini male we kept, and Beamer a larger size 1 yr old red and white male who was boarding with us. 

( Beamer and Little man in the front yard...shows the sizes.)

Little man shows the size difference is mainly length of the legs and body, but a mini is not as small as a Chihuahua, or tiny dog, they are still like a beagle just smaller overall.
Most folks are happy with a medium size beagle. Beamer was a large size beagle. His owner likes his longer legs since the two jog 10 Miles a day !!

Also Beamer weighs around 40 lbs. vs. our mini male Little Man who weighs around 14. 

  blue eyed babes.

"Dakota", He was definitely a keeper!!
  he sired mini litters for us for a few years and then retired to live the life on an island in the Bahama's  !
("Grace" &" Little Man's" son we kept) when he was a puppy.




(we just want them all to be spoiled house pets !)

meeting with Terri our Angel of Mercy  vet tech Terri  (she tube, and bottle  fed the littlest ones when we need her) & picking back up our 8 wk.old  little man!

Terri works at the Cabarus Emergency Clinic as a Vet Tech. she also watches the house and doggies for us sometimes when we take a break from work and get a little vacation time of our own !

 "Little Man" our mini rare colored stud when he was a baby !

here he is with younger puppy "Bunny"

   we kept both cuties... she has been retired now but she was one of our special barkless khaki beagles , over the years we have had several who do the motion but nothing comes out when they try to bark !! neato !! her son "Shoreline" is a mini sized khaki stud for us who is one of the males we have to sire litters  .. he has a super soft bark .


   nearly a month older Tiny "Little Man"as a puppy with younger Blitz on my lap.

We checked his weight ... at 7 months old he  only weighed 8 lbs !!!

at a year + he weighs around 16 lbs full grown.

he gets plenty of spoiling ... some are less chubby !!

pup Little Man

 one of our customers who bought "Harley" the tricolor pup above on right came out to let us give his booster shot ( we offer to do this for our customers for $10.oo ,  including nail clipping, or worming if needed. just to be sure everyone is keeping up on their shot series and save them some money on shots)  As a student at the time, they were on a budget and this saves a lot over going to a vet office every two weeks till all the shots in the series are completed.

10 week old Harley was already bigger than our 6 MO. old "Little Man" who is now a stud doggie ! he's not much bigger than that now except he is spoiled and sits on our lap while we cook out on the deck waiting for his piece...!! and getting one..! so he is chubbier though now . LOL !

Note that not all minis are as small as little man, and also some can turn out smaller. Luckily he can very well pass on his genetics to his offspring though!

  • Over feeding while a mini is growing can cause them to be larger than they would have been. Watch what you feed your mini, its easy to spoil & pamper them, they are so adorable.
    Also, they are small, but most of our mini beagles dont tend to have the hyper-activity levels that can be associated with other small breeds- most of them tend to have about the same amount of energy-level  as the other standard beagles, balancing being an active playmate, & a laidback lap dog. They can certainly be content to be a couch potato like Grace is when she's inside our house, the lifestyle learned from the family growing up , and then can have their active fun at the appropriate times.



Nano Mini: 

(exceptionally tiny babies, usually Runt of a Mini Litter or born to a nano mom)


 If we occasionally refer to one of our tiny mini size beagles by what we have called a  "Nano" mini beagle, it was determined on an individual basis after the litter has been born. Its when we notice a puppy seems to be exceptionally small, like the Runt of a Mini Litter, which requires our extra full-time attention & care constantly  watching over the little one from birth & helping them nurse when surrounded by much bigger, pushier siblings. Then that we will classify & announce the baby as a nano mini on the website, where the tiny size of the newborn is exceptionally small.

    Usually such a tiny one announced as a nanomini would be the Runt of a Mini litter, or born to a Nano mom, such as Sapphire below...  A nano & a mini adult could easily be within the same Weight range, you can't really predict the full grown weight of a 'runt', especially since they were the one with the unusual size in the litter. Being a Mini is based on taking after parents, which means taking after their genetic predisposition to be smaller, however a nano mini is a rare occurrence.


tricolor "Nano Hannah" growing up as a nanomini - runt of the mini litter

(older & ready to go home) Nano Hannah going home at an older than usual age of 12 1/2 weeks old with her new family. We held onto her longer partially out of own curiosity to see how small she was going to stay, as well as for her protection since we had decided she needed an adult household, and though many people with small children asked about her, we waited to find the right adult home match for her!

  • A reputable breeder does not try to guarantee a certain size knowing there are so many variables that can influence an adult size. Among these are very often the amount of food the new owner chooses to feed as the puppy goes through the growth stage.
    (Overfeeding requires the body to adjust to the amount of food intake, & stretches the stomach, as well as adding fat rather than lean muscle. A beagle will overeat if their new own does not responsibly feed their individual body's size. Obviously a breeder has no control over what happens once the puppy is in its new home, we can only make suggestions. Some people like to feed their pets from the table- this is especially not reccomended if you want your puppy to stay as small as possible. It is also best to stick with our reccommended food- Eukanuba Small Breed &/or Iams, as they are nutritional without the bad additives- such as "sugar" found in Beneful. Now why would your beagle need sugar... I am pretty sure they will eat their dog food without it! lol )
    Another variable that can come into play is the various sizes of ancestors
  • If on or joining the waiting list for a sunshine acres beagle, Nano-Mini should not be an only preference of yours, as these guys are rare & randomly appear among a few special litters, & they are classified as such due to the amount of extra attention given to them from birth. We dont want anyone to have to wait too long for one of our babies so we prefer you ask to join for both a Nano & a Mini /other preference in size so we will be able to offer you pups to pass or claim sooner rather than later...
  • Potential Homes: We are also extra careful about what homes we place special babies like these into- and typically prefer adult homes to ease any worries about young children handling the slightly more fragile, sweet little puppies that we have worked so hard to raise right. Its certainly not that the puppy can't keep up with kids- its actually that the puppy is still just as capable of keeping up with the kids, yet so tiny to be running around under uncareful feet.. or runned around in little hands through the house...  (We are selective about this anyway, even with standard puppies- we want what is best for all our babies, never simply an 'easy sell'. The whole reason we breed & raise beagles, is because we love them! ...and so we can always have puppies to love on & include in our homelife!)

 The Nano's Price reflects our concentrated efforts in raising tiny puppies, and further narrows the field for the appropriate & lucky potential homes.!

 People often ask us to give them a perspective on just how small our Nano - Mini beagles are in relationship to a Standard beagle ... Here Saphire when pregnant stands  next to our largest Beagle  Daisy . Nano and mini beagles are still a beagle just much shorter legged and shorter body.. shorter tail ears and smaller heads... not everyone needs or wants such a tiny beagle and they are super rare but occassionally we do have them for those patient enough to wait on one  !


Our adult Nano khaki "Happy" son of Mini Kiki. Here he is in front of his khaki mini mom Kiki, and with the largest standard size "Mocha!

adult Nano Khaki "Happy" shed very little fur he was mostly khaki and tan and only had white on his lower legs and chest.

he helped us see the more white a beagle had or open markings.. and the longer the piece of fur the more it tended to come out unlike his shorter less shed hairs.

he sired tiny puppies for us and helped us improve our bloodlines in the indoor lines we were working on creating in our early days breeding beagles as companion pets.



  Blazes are the white line between the eyes.

Often the blaze can narrow in somewhat as the black is replaced with the red/brown coloring that comes up thru the black on the head , ears, and shoulders during the next few months.

Jinglebell's Thor begins black and white like most tricolors do, and gradually the black on his head is replaced with red/tan and the blaze narrows in a little.

When puppies start out with a very narrow blaze between the eyes, often it narrows in more as they grow, and they sometimes become a "solid head" or have a faint line.

 A Tricolor standard Female with a blaze.

Here as a newborn, miss Gracie Justis is black and white, like all tricolors start off.   As she grew, her face began transforming in a tan/red colors, starting in the front
After a while, he whole head, with an exception to the ears, has turned red, and the red is coming thru on her shoulders and haunches as well.   Finally all grown up, she is a beatiful Tricolor beagle! Head & ears have fully become their red, and she now has what's called a sadle back- The black sorta forms a sadle now that the shoulders and haunches are red.

Very Wide Blaze:
Buster is an open marked orange/lemon with a wide blaze. Open markings are the white markings on the back rather than a solid saddle.
Sometimes beagles have a solid saddle, and a white bandana that just wraps around the back of their neck.
Buster's open markings are like puzzle pieces. Sometimes the open markings make a river down the back.

Miss C's son Cody drove a pup up to New York a few years back to hand deliver him to the family there who couldnt make the trip.

Chocolate Boy with a big blaze.
He keeps a good sized blaze, but it does narrow in some.

Orange with a medium blaze (and the black around the eyes as a newborn, fades, but leaves a dark eyeliner.)