Miss C & one of our Adult small Standard Tricolor Sunshine Acres Beagles


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Sunshine Acres Beagles

Miss Christina's

 Indoor Companion Beagles

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Why invest in: our FAMILY RAISED
 " Indoor Companion"
show champion bloodline origins

-vs.- "Cage Raised & Hunting Hound" lines

to be your family's indoor house-pet.

 best family dogs lemon beagles happiness is a warm puppy  

Sunshine Acres Beagle Puppies... Indoor Raised Pedigreed Pampered Pets..

kodiacpedigree2_small.jpg (110525 bytes)
(Click on pedigree picture to view )

 "Kodiak Little Boy's" Show Champion Bloodline 



Beagles line up to be judged

 (example of show competition)

We don't show dogs but its nice to know that our bloodlines started from companion CDX Champions (Companion Dog Excellent - an AKC obedience title, denotes championship status), & CH (Champion) titled Conformation AKC dog show winners; Obedient, beautiful, breed standard correct Purebred Beagles !

 baby beagles best dog breed for children chocolate beagle

We continued from those origins to breed for superior housepets. We are going beyond breeding for winning looks, or tracking instincts- Our top priority as a family has always been to develop the best homebody family members, encompassing all the wonderful qualities of beagles. We wanted to  incorporate simply the best of those various pinpointed qualities found in different beagle lines, & selectively breed focusing on all the beneficial qualities that make a beagle perfect for the average American family, who purely wants a indoor companion, happy to be a homebody, not a show star or instinct driven tracker,  in order to create ultimate house pet beagles, for ourselves to enjoy, and to share with families who also simply want to enjoy a loving lapdog..

We think there are many important aspects to a family pet, and rather than essentially breeding for a champion in the show ring- primarily focusing the attention on only those particular standards focused on to achieve notoriety, we aim for a champion pet, best for in your home!  We choose to also consider & incorporate everything needed to make better loving lap dogs to fit in with your happy pet home -  those qualities that you & I as pet lovers favor, from personality, intelligence & temperament, to coat quality, good health & individual adorableness, so that it all comes together into one well-rounded housepet!

dogs best for familiesWe no longer individually register our babies with sporting dog registries, as we were being encouraged to hone their talents to track rabbits, and we feel there is a huge market in America with families who desire beagles that don't want to track animals, but rather be indoor companions pets who are content with that lifestyle. This way breeders will not try to purchase our well rounded more homebody oriented beagle traits, plus our luxurious coats & unique pet-perfect line to use in their own breeding programs. All our beagle puppies are from AKC parents/ lines. We can provide a copy of the parent's/ ancestor's AKC papers. These guys are intended to be pets & family members only, If you do not plan to breed, show or hunt- then you would not need papers. If you do plan to breed beagles, please Do Not entertain the idea of adding one of our sweethearts to your breeding kennel.

Our Sunshine beagles are for Pet Homes Only! We DNA test our line of beagles to prevent anyone using one of our beagle puppies for breeding, which is prohibited; even having one litter could potentially let our many years of work developing our unique pet variety homebody beagles into the hands and evironment of a puppy mill, or a breeding program, especially where tracking ability is improved upon; since we've bred this out of our line, ours would be a disappointment to Hunting Enthusiasts, similar to how little Shiloh in the movie series the Shilloh Trilogy..was a disappointment to his first owner a  hunter ,for his lack of desire in that direction!

If you already have a beagle & you are getting one from us of an opposite gender, we ask that you forward a copy of your spaying or neutering receipt, or your vets contact information so that we can verify. Thanks for your understanding of our Pet-Only mission!

Khaki colored Grace plays & lounges on her favorite log in our big back yard.

she blends in well , see if you can spot her on top of the large fallen log..where short legged beagles like to be so they can feel big lol..

our beagles' favorite outdoor spot- the back porch.

Beagles line up to be judged     Many of our beagles ancestors' are from :      kodiacpedigree2_small.jpg (110525 bytes) Pedigreed Pampered Pets
Show Pedigreed Beagle Bloodlines   

   trophyc.jpg (55967 bytes)  photo193.jpg (354073 bytes) showcrated.jpg (20516 bytes) crate trained beagle 

Show dogs are typically indoor dogs when not traveling to compete in Dog Shows

photo425.jpg (95681 bytes)

trophydog.jpg (64014 bytes)

1st  Place We don't normally show dogs but decided to try it for fun at a local show... putting our gorgeous Khaki Stud dog "Cashmere" in the ring for his first time..

 he took home the first Place Ribbon and Trophy        













dgshballonschristi.jpg (26390 bytes)best breeddgshstands.jpg (26135 bytes)best in show 
 ( Show dogs are raised for different purposes )   Unlike hunting lines, show lines are typically bred with traits more favorable to indoor lifestyles, when not out on the road at Dog shows. The Show Bloodlines have also been bred for the Beagle Standards like Beauty, form, coats and obedience.  They make excellent calm indoor Pets.  Our dogs have many Top NW. Show Champion Ancestors as well as Companion Dog CDX. Titled Champions.  We do not plan for our customers to  show our dogs, but we love the pets these Bloodlines can produce because they don't have the strong hunting instincts.  Over the past  18 yrs of breeding specifically for pets (1990), we have sold our pups into pet homes exclusively. 

beagle dog RETIRED NOW.

Mr. Puppy

tri color beagleskidpupcomp..jpg (21327 bytes)family beagle puppieskid proof beagles


Note: Below there will be pictures of both our beagles on this page, and for comparison purposes associate with this page there will be pictures of other beagles from other breeder's lines. (so if you see the hunting lines' dog boxes further down, please read the comparison captions &  know those aren't associated with our babies! )

Hunting Stock

photo143.jpg (307112 bytes)photo140.jpg (513332 bytes)

  ( Hunting Hounds ) In many hunting-bred kennels, the strongly scent-influenced beagles must be raised in cages. This "up of the ground" tactic keeps the hounds from being able to follow a scent under or over a fence.

We have respect for those field trial and hunting breeders who are improving the beagle breed for the sporting market, and realize that their market is for other Field Trial and hunting enthusiasts.

 Unfortunately, there are many  Hunting Bloodlines have been sold into pet homes after a breeder has worked with and chosen out his top prospects to improve his line for tracking primarily rabbits, and in many cases these that end up in pet homes were for hundreds of years selectively bred for their talents, rather than necessarily looks, or temperament, etc. Many people are familiar with and have relayed their stories and experience with the Hunting hounds very commonly shedding more and having a hound odor, not found in most show bloodlines, and they are ruled by hunting instinct, rather than love of the family. Many of these tracking lines can also tend to be much more noisy, the bark is louder and longer more of a howl than a  bark to alert you of strangers etc. The Pet variety beagles that we have developed by selectively not breeding dogs that display undesirable traits, are much quieter and more appropriate for home and city life.  At a certain age almost all hunting bloodline pups instinctively begin to track the scents of animals, understandably as they were bred to do.  For many beagle pet owners the unfortunate part is that regardless of how much love, and attention they have given their hunting stock puppy, it begins to try to escape your backyard, or house and go hunt in any wooded area near your home, because that is what makes the hunting bred beagle happy, and they can't be content living out their life in a Pet home with a family that just wanted a beagle to spoil and keep inside the house with them, and got the wrong line of beagles for their intentions.  Even though I never taught or encouraged my first three Beagles to hunt, they all began to climb out, dig out, or zoom past me when the  door was opened!  Chasing your dog in a neighborhood, or getting calls from your neighbors when your dog gets out is not fun.  But until moving to Seattle,  finding out about the Show dogs they have out there, like many people I did not realize there was a BIG difference in the Blood! Be careful in choosing the type of beagle you want for your home! Be sure you are not getting a puppy from the wrong background and upbringing for what you intend to do with your beagle.

If you intend for it to be an indoor pet dont buy one from a cage or you may find out why its kept that way to keep it in from running off !

  ( akc requires cement floor kennel runs with chain link to keep dogs separated )

If you intend to hunt or do Field Trials, we encourage you to go to a reputable breeder, who is breeding for the best of those characteristics you desire.


Our Beagles bred & raised to be Companion pets

However if instead you want a constant companion who goes where you go and keeps you company through life...

look for a breeder who breeds for those qualities only ~

Our babies enjoying their acreage to run and play together on.
( sweetheart stud Rover, Tracy behind him, BabyGirl in back, Bonnie on log, Eclipse with open markings/ white on her back, and Lady behind.)

Bonnie as a newborn

Bonnie growing up in our home

learning to eat Canned food, and use Paper keeping her beddy clean

Grace oversees Bonnie fun time with the kids!

expecting Bonnie!

Bonnie in our home's Whelping Room with her new babies!

Bonnie's puppy, here at home before finding her match & forever home!

the Scott family comes out to meet with us and welcome home Bonnie's hand raised puppy as the newest member of their family! They said they had looked at other beagle puppies, and were so glad to have finally found us so their search was over!
They trully appreciated the way our family is so dedicated to the manner in which we raise our beagles to share with other families.


 Pets bred from Show Pedigreed origins

 (Angel's son "Cassey")

best house dog

 (Great great granddaughter" Seattle Prize")

photo231.jpg (167191 bytes)photo217.jpg (245276 bytes)



       photo232.jpg (380211 bytes)  mrsitpose.jpg (55360 bytes) Angel's son Mr. Puppy     

photo33.jpg (222838 bytes) kodiak showbldln.JPG (52132 bytes)( Kodiak little boy," Cassey's" Dad)
   Show Bloodline. Their markings are prettier, because dogs are selectively chosen for looks rather than a good nose! ( go to Angel's story page to see how it all began..)


rarecolor beagle puppies CINDYS_RAINBOW.jpg (158018 bytes)  beagle litters for sale in nc beagle puppies for sale   

Puppies raised indoors with the family tend to be much easier to housebreak, and better socialized to interact with kids and other pets.. Housebreaking begins at 3 weeks, with our pups learning to go on paper at a young age -vs- those unfamiliarized and raised in cages the way some hunters do it.. According to many of our customers' experience with those types of beagles, some never got the program... and those end up being outside dogs, or given away.   Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and some folks are able to make a good pet from beagles started from non-pet kennels.

spotloganpapertrn.jpg (20411 bytes)      photo320.jpg (93237 bytes)   brown beagles   CUDDLING.jpg (141798 bytes) KID CUDDLED .jpg (88176 bytes)photo80.jpg (350674 bytes)    Handling pups from birth makes them much more gentle..

newborn beagle puppy and sleeping child Christi  photo310.jpg (155601 bytes)  beagle and baby chicken

Angel beagle and chick Gentle Angel loves our new Easter Chick and treats her like her baby protecting her from harm, and other animals like the chic were her own.. Great Great- grandma to our line of beagles..
beagle puppies and baby chicks Gentle beagle pups and baby duckling

Angel's grandkids inherit her gentle nature allowing our baby ducks to come into their area without harming a feather.

  calm baby beagles and ducklings  photo46.jpg (160503 bytes)

   (Seattle  Sunshine Acres)    

beagle puppy and child cody in seattle WA

Seattle WA beagle angel on deck

click to see Angel on the deck and the milk goats in the yard behind !

beagles and goats (bottle feeding a baby kid with the dogs looking on.)         photo304.jpg (154569 bytes)photo297.jpg (83854 bytes)

Our bloodline originates from the Northwest- Seattle area SHOW CHAMPION dogs we purchased from show kennels for pets, after trying repeatedly to make pets out of southern hunting hounds. What a vast difference in desire! Our dogs wanted to stay indoors with the family with a strong desire to learn from, love, and please the family .. vs the field bloodline beagles I had purchased who wanted to be outside, in the neighboring woods tracking animals, and would escape the fencing to get there and fulfill their calling!

We even raised  baby goats seen above, with the dogs, and in 5 years none of the Goat-kids were ever bothered by our beagle pets.

  photo322.jpg (139481 bytes)      photo315.jpg (210991 bytes)     beagles for sale in north carolina

depending on what you want to do with your beagle puppy...

Buy from someone doing what you plan to do..

If you want to Show Dogs, buy from someone who shows them .

If you want to Hunt or do Field Trials with your beagle, buy from someone who does since that's what they are being bred for.

If you want a Family Pet who is happy and content Indoors or in your fenced in yard ..

choose one from a breeder who breeds to improve these qualities and all other traits perfect-for-indoors that make a beagle a wonderful family addition.

sunny visits her puppies in our Puppy Office.

Miss Christina years ago dated a Field Trial top knotch breeder/enthusiast. She gained a great deal of respect for the Field Trial enthusiasists and the work they do to improve their lines for what the beagle was originally designed and intended to do. He was very proffessional and had a great kennel and his ethics were as they should be as he sold only to those looking for what he bred for. He had many champion Field Trail dogs, and other field trial breeders purhased from his bloodline. He chose not to sell off the pups that didn't pass all his requirements to Homes looking for a housepet. He felt that getting calls from customers down the road that were unhappy that their dog wanted to track animals was not worth including that market in his business.
We applaud the responsible breeders like us who care about where their puppies spend the remainder of their life, and see to it that its appropriate for the instinct that they have designed it to have.



If you aren't looking to hunt with your beagle
don't buy one who's parents do or it  very likely will follow in their footsteps !

there's nothing wrong with this dont get us wrong, Miss C's favorite Uncles all hunted and raised beagles very good at it, she grew up with beagle breeders, and loved their dogs.

One- Pascal Moore, was a famous Birddog breeder who also worked years ago to guide hunters using his bird dogs and beagles .

we appreciate those who do it and sell to others who also hunt their dogs, everyone has their specialty in life... ours just focuses in on owners who dont plan to hunt their beagles.

Thats our chosen Niche and we dont try to compete with them for theirs.

(imagine spending every day in a box up off the ground like some hunters choose to raise their animals in)
caged1.jpg (257095 bytes)cagedmisery.jpg (256398 bytes)


a mill in georgia

Because its so cramped, they have to have wire floors so they can easily spray the poop to the cement without having to go in there with the dogs.

It is necessary in order to keep those from digging or climbing out to run off though.

 It's that, or a chain link cement floored pen for them to carry out their lives in...

Try making a homebody out of one of those... no wonder they are sold so cheap- they wont stay home!

Are you looking to put a kennel in your yard to contain your pet? or do you want an indoor lap dog?


This is how those other guys raise their dogs by necessity so they don't escape continually,
 and breeders with over 25 dogs are required by AKC to house them on cement floors with chainlink runs in order to keep them secure and for record keeping purposes so they're easily identified.

 HOWLING HUNTERS OR PAMPERED PETS.. which will you choose to join your family?

  photo142.jpg (117397 bytes)   photo138.jpg (407664 bytes)   photo137.jpg (453543 bytes)   photo340.jpg (16895 bytes)     

beagle rescue dog.jpg (60821 bytes)

Here's what you find if you respond to most beagle pup ads in the local paper.. 
Rows of chain link , cement floor kennels, in my opinion no quality of life for a family pet... barkin dog.JPG (156805 bytes)photo136.jpg (233482 bytes)

No socialization with other dogs, puppies, or kids the way we hand raise our housepet puppies.
Often times these pictured are hunters dog boxes, where those hounds had to be confined to keep them until the next hunt ! These dogs must be caged to keep them home, instinct to get out and hunt drives them to escape conventional fences, and pups from these bloodlines will have that same desire.



There are of course respectable hunting-dog breeders,  and if you are personally a devoted hunter, then you may not mind the traits, instincts, ect associated with the hunting bred beagles, since he is happily doing his job that he has had generation after generation bred into his blood. However, if you are purely looking for a lovable family beagle, that wants nothing more than to be with you, whether on the couch watching tv, jogging through the neighborhood, sleeping with you in bed, or whatever it is that you are doing, then your are looking for a beagle that has been bred for those member-of-your-family qualities, eliminating the scent-driven mind's instinct and desire to run and hunt, replacing it with a companion-driven desire to observe, learn from and please his respected and beloved master. If you are looking to provide a pet home, You don't want to have to chase your stereotypical hunting-happy beagle through the streets, or sit at home with the kids worrying about where your dog is, and if he's okay. You want a companion beagle, who isn't waiting by the door for a chance to get out into a world of scents,  but is instead at your doorstep after a quick potty break, wanting more than anything to come back in the house just like everyday and get back to being your pampered, canine family member.

We sometimes joke about the 2 types of beagles, the ones that just wants out, and ours that just want back in. 

come Dot, lets go inside!

We often let our beagle loose in our front yard when no one is planning to come up the driveway. Lots of people tell us they just can't believe ours don't want to run off and hunt in the woods surrounding us. They like being outside, but they looove being inside!

our orange Dot says "Well, Come on.. what are you still doing over there? Im ready to come in!"

our gals Dot & Daisy

tricolor Daisy out in our back yard & napping on our back porch

hanging out loose without leaving the yard


momma Daisy in our living room.


  photo335.jpg (49342 bytes)

 Trust me I know from experience; this is me on my front porch where I would find my first Beagle "Katie" every morning after she would climb right over our nice big  fenced backyard and go hunting in the near-by woods.  Finally I feared for her safety as the woods became developed near our house and she had to cross busy streets to get back home.. I gave her to a family out in the country who had a farm.  Ever wonder why you often see FREE BEAGLE ads in the paper?  Someone has made the mistake of trying to make a pet out of one of the cheap hunting stock puppies.. It doesn't work..  Been there done that.. But the good news is.. There are Pet Variety Beagles available here !!   You get what you pay for, ours last a lifetime. 10-15 years.. instead of till they learn to  run off and hunt !! 

 katieruns.jpg (16307 bytes)   katielap.jpg (16915 bytes)   katieold.jpg (15071 bytes)          

Field Beagles and Gun Dogs

 My 3rd Beagle "Aubie" was bought from a hunter- I tried to make an apartment dog out of her... with no success.. she never was housebroken completely, so I walked her a lot.  At the time I managed an apt complex in Tampa Fla. and could go home for lunch with her.  Anytime someone came to the door she would fly past my legs and be gone for hours tracking squirrels and whatever she could sniff out in the nearby neighborhoods.. I would chase after her repeatedly.. finally after moving to Seattle she  got out of her yard and was hit crossing the road and I spoke to my vet there who told me about the Show Bloodline Pet variety beagles in the North West.  Once I bought one (Angel) I knew I needed to bring that type of Beagle to the South.

Aubie was very aloof and never liked to snuggle or sit on my lap etc. When moving to the NW. she hid under the front seat of our u-haul rather than sitting on my lap for the trip as our dogs now would to be close to us.

 Purchased out of a cage in Tampa Florida from a Preacher who Hunted." Aubie" my 3rd Beagle.


Beagles as well as many other breeds are also often raised for pet store and flea market quick sales,

in extremely small confined areas such as these pictured below

a puppy mill housing in georgia a puppy mill housing in georgia

A puppy mill housing in Georgia

a puppy mill housing in georgia   These kennels do not provide any yard or exercise area for the poor animals to socialize and/or get the needed human interaction/ play time outside to keep them happy and healthy over their years of forced confinement up off the ground.

a puppy mill housing in georgia

pet stores sell puppies that come from breeders who apparently don't care to know where their dogs end up, which could be this same environment for all they know or care.


Christi-1 day old w Angel.jpg (100887 bytes)  newborn wAngel.jpg (113917 bytes)   Angel snugles.jpg (112252 bytes)

Daughter Christi's first day home from the hospital (april 1990), year old Angel Cuddles right up to her new family member.

companion dogsphoto248.jpg (117081 bytes) She even baby-sits while mom is busy!!! lol !

in the pic on the left, I took when I backed up to snap their photo Christi tipped over so Angel put her paw on her leg to hold her up!!

relaxin.jpg (83157 bytes)  CodyAngel.jpg (87718 bytes)

Two years later (may 1992) she did the same with my son Cody as well !  

photo127.jpg (291534 bytes) 

   ANGEL DALI AND CHRISTI.jpg (166997 bytes)

After raising the kids around such a wonderful companion, Miss Christina decided to stay home with her kids and dogs, and devote her life and career to developing beagles for families to enjoy like ours. This is a family mission in order to provide other families like our own with beagles strictly for pets, and to always have puppies around for the kids to enjoy and satisfy our need for a puppy fix! We have also developed an extensive website to share our addiction with other folks across america who enjoy our family-oriented version of baby beagles and all picture and updates !

Our puppies are born in our home, so we are constantly around them, and our adults enjoy our big wooded acreage property, where they can play and get the exercise.  We love each one as they grow up here in our home and look for just the right home for each one to join!

we want our dogs to grow up to be great Indoor Beagle companions to their new family and the many adorable photos our customers share of the pups confirm we are making wonderful matches for families to enjoy !

  two of our khaki pups go to a family without kids and get a room of their own to share !

Pampered Pets

Visiting some of our pups..

South Park "Spencer"

"Peaches" in Linwood Wa.        
visiting a pup.jpg (103202 bytes) SPark Spencer.jpg (107380 bytes)

peaches.jpg (34744 bytes)

  (We have lots of e-mails, updates & pictures sent from many of our happy customers posted on our Happy Families pages & Got Two pages for you to enjoy!) Providence rdpup.jpg (147415 bytes)

(Providence Rd. "Champ" his mom says he proves dogs don't hurt hardwood floors, they  don't have a fenced yard so he learned not to go off their back deck. She also says she is not allergic to his less shedding type fur- we hear this a lot, awesome! )


Lucy's owners say that unlike their previous 2 beagles, "Lucy doesn't bring home dead rabbits, shed much, or cause any of the family to have to take Allergy medicine ! "
 She used to come stay with us while her family vacationed up North till they moved to Greenville SC.  Here she is with "Cindy" when she was a youngster.

Image33.jpg (41437 bytes) photo39.jpg (155292 bytes) Cindy's mom" Gentle"

SunshineAcres-StanleyNC.jpg (138869 bytes)  SAfrontyard.jpg (149967 bytes)  

(Sunshine Acres Stanley) one of our previous homes in NC. before moving to Monroe NC.

StanleySA.jpg (167674 bytes)photo313.jpg (94851 bytes)photo314.jpg (125259 bytes)   

 Snoopy & Christi playing.jpg (79748 bytes) Christi playing with "Snoopy" before we sold him in our first family home in the North West

Woodinville Washington near Seattle. where our bloodline of companion pets originated before we moved back to the South.

Wa Snoopy.jpg (104553 bytes) At 2yrs & at 10yrs. snoopyseattle.jpg (149487 bytes)photo190.jpg (131564 bytes)

     Snoopy's family writes and sends pictures of him over the years.. They even  buy him a "dog" after we move south.

 They say he is a member of the family, she is just a dog.!!

they keep in touch by Christmas Cards over the years and tell us his personality far outweighed hers.

He was snuggly and loving, she was distant and frightened acting.

They also added she had the hound dog odor they had heard about.  Snoopy needed far fewer baths over the years, they said he just shined and shed much less than her coat did.

Other beaglers arent focusing on coat qualities as we do here at sunshine acres.

miniature beagle puppies  letter.gif (10893 bytes)"Wilbur" the runt ( we got his name from the runt in Charlotte's Web) he is with litter mates of all colors!  he is the silver and white one at top between two light blond lemon beagles.      

This silver beagle was purchased for an elderly lady who lived at the outer banks.  Her neighbor saw our ad in the Charlotte Observer and drove over to bring one to her.  He picked the little silver runt because he matched her hair he said ! She later wrote me and told me how much she loved Wilbur. She said he is so spoiled he gets to sleep with her !! 

 photo148.jpg (302674 bytes)   MBeach-silverWilber.jpg (190708 bytes)

Let us provide you with a Companion Pet to enjoy !

-vs-a hunting bred Beagle bloodline bred to track animals, often known to leave your yard to do so ..

After viewing all our helpful sunshine acres beagle puppy topics,
 Once you are sure that you want a puppy from Sunshine Acres Beagles,

  Ask us about an available puppy, or you can join the waiting list for the option of choosing from just the right babies for you! Quite often our waiting list lines are satisfied in certain categories and we make puppies available to approved homes, or those who in the meanwhile went ahead and got pre-approved so that when they're ready, they would be individually contacted for as specific of a type of puppy as they desire. Some folks have a very defined look that they're hoping to adopt from us, and they are willing to patiently wait until we have one that matches their dream puppy that they can consider, while others who have read through all our detailed pages and the many happy families letters, pictures & updates
(found on Happy Families pages) just know they want a sunshine beagle, and the chance to claim their own when it all works perfectly for them!

 Obviously they are worth a small wait on your dream new best friend for life (as evidenced by the many return customers and refferals we get from current customers to their friends and family who meet our babies across the Nation.. ) Folks drive here in RV.s, Fly here on planes,  and come by car,  from near, and far, flying in from California, Miami, and so on to adopt their own
Sunshine Acres Beagle Puppy.

They are worth it !  Once claiming one of our puppies for yourself, you can watch for updated pictures as he/she & the littermates grow, until it is time for your puppy to come home. Buy your new buddy and have them around for 10-17 years, or look in the paper and purchase an offered over the weekend puppy you know nothing about to spend time with every day , cuddling with , or playing outside. Getting a new puppy is a commitment- Don't simply jump on the quickest availability you find in the paper; in many cases the cage raised beagle pups that families have come across is fearful and or timid to say the least, its often not that a rescued beagle is fearful due to the fact that  someone has mistreated as it is often simily that that timid behavior is  bred into that puppy from genetics and they will show that behavior whether abused or not unfortunately. sometimes its thru no fault of the breeder and its in their genes to be shy. If you are looking for a Hunting or Field Trial Beagle, we do encourage you to seek out a reputable hunting or field trial breeder that has worked to also improve his lines in those areas that you desire; know where your new puppy / lifelong dog is coming from and how it was raised for your purposes.


precious loves the indoors, and enjoys sticking nearby the house and family whenever loose outdoors.

Christi snaps a pic of Miss C.  and companion pet Grace in our whelping room, up through the night watching over mommy Precious' delivery and newborns.

We appreciate everyone's patience especially during such times
 while we make safeguarding our babies our priority !

soft less shedding silver girl "Starlet" and littermates @ 5 weeks have learned to play with their toys and use paper, keeping their bed clean.
Christi hadto keep her favorite baby starlet! She and boyfriend Jake worked together to raise this cutie.

Starlet says "Hey Christi, Jake's already fallen asleep! I'm fixing to.. Zzzz!

lapdog starlet drifts off to sleep in our living, to the right Grace snoozes on her favorite colorful chair.


Starlet watches Domino in the office. Domino visits her weaning pups.

Starlet enjoys socializing with the Stainback family! They were visiting with us so that we could see how their younger children would interact with with our puppies before being pre-approved for one of our babies!

Starlet transitions from sleeping in the paper/bed setup that families start with, to her open crate setup, as she sleeps in her familiar bed, now surrounded by a cozy crate.

She learns to love her den before we begin closing the door at night.

For some folks in an apartment, the use of a Jeffers wire playpen is an option that we find works well when learning puppy is unsupervised.






photo350.jpg (608071 bytes)   photo352.jpg (54715 bytes)


A past multicolor litter example! Chocolate, Khaki, Silver, & Tricolor  littermates.
Precious had one of each kind in that previous litter; they were like a box of Chocolates, all kinds!

Yes, the moment you've been waiting for, click to see our PUPPIES! If you see an available puppy or puppies that you like, let us know! Or ask about joining the waiting list for a puppy to match your desires in the future.


(We keep this page Current & update as each baby finds his or her home. This is like the community bulletin board for all you out there, so you can watch for updates- The puppies pictured in each mommy's current litter are current!
 So please don't email us & ask us to individually send pictures of our available puppies- the website is up to date for everyone to view and benefit from, so that we can devote our time to the babies :)

 We just like to know folks have had the patience to read about our family beagles before contacting us about adopting a baby from our family!

that way we prescreen for impatience which doesnt work well with influenceable

puppies looking for guidance from their new owner.

 Please look through the details and topics of interest on the available pups page before emailing- many questions are covered on that page!


 (Yes, we know it took 3 pages to get to the email address!- making your way to the address shows us you are serious!  (our phone number & street address are intentionally not available to the general public- Miss Christina & kids reserve that info until we know more about you.)

this is a private residence not a store and we make appointments to meet with potential adoptees around our work with the beagles we care for.

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(More Page links to easily follow will become available after reading over our available pups page)